Tuesday, April 28, 2009

For the Love of Environmentally Friendly Products

Kimberly Leifker

Consumers looking for environmentally friendly products are beginning to have an easier go at finding them these days. New products that are better for the environment and easy on the wallet are not far and few between any longer. Companies like ThinkGeek and EcoGeekLiving are marketing sun jars which have been referred to as the evironmentally friendly night light. The concept of sun jars is ultimately as follows: a solar powered garden light usually resides on the inside (the light source), the jar is frosted and the light sits on the inside. The solar panel charges the battery during the day and then during the night is uses that charged energy into light. Instead of using a night light, this jar could be used a soft-light alternative. Several reviewers were unhappy with the amount of time the jar would stay lit during the night. This could be a potential problem, but they are handy for at least a few hours of light during the evening. In addition, they would be great for mood lights or enhancers, especially if therer were more than one used to light up a room.

While this little jars of light are quite the innovation, they can be quite costly. The jars range anywhere from $25.00 to $45.00. In order to bypass the cost, there are numerous websites that offer helpful tips and step-by-step product assembly so you do not have to break your wallet to contribute a healthy environement. Do-It-Yourself activities have become a fun and creative activity, as well as a method for saving money. Websites like Instructables.com and NotMartha.org offer step by step instruction for creating your own little ray of sunshine.

Another product that has hit the market full force are reusable cloth sandwich bags. Websites like Reusablebags.com and Snacktaxi.com offer a wide variety of colors and patterns. This product is available in do-it-yourself forums as well. However, if one were to calculate the amount of money spent on plastic sandwich bags in a given year, the cost of a set of 3 sandwich bags is quite reasonable.

Picture one: ecochildsplay.com

Picture two: www.4myearth.com with sandwich

Picture three: www.naturallygreen.co.uk sun jars night/day
Picture four: www.thegreenhead.com sun jar plain

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